Story so far…

We started looking for a property in May 2011. The first few months were tough as dealing with some estate agents was, at best, frustrating, and the properties on offer in the area we started looking at did not meet our expectations or budget limit.

Luckily, we decided to extend our search area remembering what Kirstie and Phil always say ‘Location, location, location’. was great and helped us with a shortlist of properties to view as well as getting us more familiarized with what we could afford in our selected area.

And that’s how, over a year ago, we discovered Chelmsford. We didn’t know anything about this place; we had no idea that the city (yes, it’s a city now!) has so much to offer to young first time buyers. A shopping centre, lovely parks, theatres, cinema and decent pubs, and only 35 mins to London Liverpool street. Perfect location for our first home! Anywhere closer to London, we could only afford a flat. Moving to Chelmsford, we managed to get ourselves a two bedroom house, with two reception rooms and a gorgeous cottage style garden (I dare to say the best on the street).

The purchasing process went surprisingly smoothly thanks to some very helpful Estate Agents at Home Partnership. Plus, the sellers were genuinely lovely people and we moved here at the beginning of December 2011. So almost seven months here…

And we haven’t had a rest since… We had to install gas central heating, change two sash windows, strip all the carpets to reveal wooden floorboards, strip the walls, re-plaster one of the rooms…Sounds busy!

As our house is spread over three floors (two floors and a basement), we started from the top.

The master bedroom is almost finished. Please see the picture.

Next on the agenda is guest bedroom/office room.


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