Getting my fingers green

Summer is not treating us well in England. Record rainfall for the past few months has stopped us from using the space to its full potential. I suppose we want to focus on inside first.

However, we were forced to tidy up our’ little jungle’ before overgrown plants and trees took over and blocked the pathway to our green house at the back.

Our first barbecue/my birthday took place couple of months ago, on the only sunny day in May. For the party, we got plenty of deck chairs (great idea as they don’t take much space when folded), and a variety of tea lights in teal (guess, what my favourite colour is); all from Homebase (Love it. It’s the nearest DIY store to us, and I’m hoping for a loyalty reward soon). Our simple barbecue was also purchased there. The total for all of these didn’t even come to £100. Bargain!

We inherited from the previous owners an old bench, which sits easily three people, and just a week ago, I painted it sage green colour; it looks brand new now. Big saving there as well! Upcycling is worth it!

With regards to growing my own, tomatoes are happily springing up in our greenhouse. Can’t wait to eat them!

After revamping our courtyard, we’ve planted dill, basil, thyme, marjoram, chives and rosemary in two Belfast sinks left behind by the previous owners. We also have wild strawberries (delicious) and mint (I’m thinking mojito time:)).


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