Slugs attack!

Due to the worst spring and summer ever (I complained about the rain previously), our herbs have been under attack! Slugs are literally everywhere. They are absolutely disgusting in appearance and I would not recommend picking them up without gloves on, especially if you are a girly girl.

I used a slug repellent, but it does not appear to get rid of them, and they are keep coming, and coming…

Someone said to treat them with salt, but I’m against torturing animals. I just want them to go somewhere else haha

Any advice?



2 thoughts on “Slugs attack!

  1. I have issues with slugs too! Unfortunately, it is unlikely they will go away.

    I don’t like harming anything but nothing I tried worked…..Beer traps helped quite a bit, it was my last resort before losing my plants.

    Using plastic/paper cups, dig a whole and place the top of the cup or container about 1/4 inch above the soil, fill in soil around it. Put a few of them around the garden, especially near the plants they like. Pour in beer, (any kind cheap kind will work) fill about 1 1/2 inch deep, don’t fill close to the top, because you want them to crawl down into the cup where most of them will drink, get tipsy and drown. Each morning you will find quite a few dead ones floating, discard them and the beer, rinse cup and refill the next evening.

    This is not a nice sight, but at least it can help control them. After a week of doing this, it should really cut down the population! I know this is the only option that worked for me. Hope this helps!

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