The hole in the wall is gone

The office/guest bedroom is slowly taking shape. As with all the rooms in this house, we had to strip the carpets and wallpaper (that’s a fun exercise, not!)

One of the first tasks we’ve done was replacing the window and removing a fitted wardrobe to expose a fireplace. We are still planning to have a fitted wardrobe, but only in a left corner of the room. George (Steve’s dad) agreed to build us a wardrobe (George can do anything!) as per picture below.

It turned out that one of the walls had to be replastered as well as the ceiling. We went away one weekend, and Steve’s parents took over redecorating…when we got back, the room was ready to be painted.

I picked the wallpaper at Wallpaper direct, and, I’m afraid, it is going to dictate the colour scheme (green) and the overall design (modern, Scandinavian).

Currently, we are looking for a fireplace surround visiting salvage yards and antiques fairs. However, ebay is pretty good source as well; much cheaper than former mentions. We would like to find something similar to the one we have got in our master bedroom. Wish us luck!


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