When the sun is shining…

We feel the need for gardening. The main benefit of gardening is being outside and getting a suntan. Although, I appreciate it’s not the healthiest pursuit nowadays…Yes, we did use a sun cream.

General clean up took us around 3 hours.  The pathway looks much nicer now after Steve tackled it patiently. Also, we jointly cleared out the old Victorian brick garden (need to find out more about how it was used in XIX century), which we are planning to transform…hmm not entirely sure into what yet.

I have a feeling the biggest challenge will be the overgrown pond. Steve pulled out the biggest algae, so the fish, finally, have more space to play around.

I believe he’s got a vision (Steve not the fish)!

Also, I’m very happy to see the first green apples. My mum who is a self-taught jam maker, promised to teach me how to preserve the fruit, including apples, so watch this space.

Few months ago, I planted a buddleia in order to attract butterflies. Apparently, they are in decline http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/18650058, so we are on a mission to save them!


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