Storage solution for small bedrooms

Our master bedroom size and layout did not allow us to have a bedside table on each side, and as I’m a strong believer of symmetry (in a relationship as well), we had to come up with a bespoke design.

First of all we decided to upcycle our old queen size bed. As the bed was dark wood (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from before), we painted all the wood white, and then removed the old, shabby looking wood headboard.

After doing some research online, I designed (using some pictures from my creative visualisation board) a bespoke shelving unit/box. Our multi-skilled DIY expert/carpenter Steve’s dad George kindly agreed to do the job (easy for him, impossible from my point of view).

As George knows best, we went for an MDF based unit placed next to the wall directly behind the bed. The width matched the width of bed, and in order to maximise space, I asked for two shelves on both sides, so we could have extra storage apart from the top of the box.

The top was meant to be not too high allowing us to reach for a book or switch on/off the night lamp.

The only thing missing from this cleverly designed unit, was a HEADBOARD.


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