You gotta love wallpaper stripping

We started redecorating our main living room. The first task was wallpaper stripping. Argh!

I must say, thanks to a wallpaper steamer, this task turned to be far less laborious than I thought at first. During 4 hour wallpaper workout (you can banish your bingo wings easily doing this), we had done a lot. It turned out that we would have to replaster one of the walls again (why nothing is simple in this house!).








On a steamer note, do not smoke indoors! The previous owners did, and look what we had to deal with. Grim!

Tip: Good idea is to wrap an old damp towel on a long handle floor brush to wipe it from the ceiling.

Any more tips about removing wallpaper? Please let me know.


2 thoughts on “You gotta love wallpaper stripping

  1. Hi, i can’t wate to see more about how this room turns out! 🙂 let’s stay in touch I like what you have started here!

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