Blogging away with Blogging Your Way

I’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks as I signed up for a Blogging Your Way Bootcamp e-course. The course itself was recommended to me by an excellent design blogger Katie Treggiden who I met back in September. I wanted to make my blog more appealing to your eyes Dear Readers, and generally improve it.
The BYW is run by Holly Becker, and is co-taught by Jeanette Lunde and Nicole Balch. These three inspiring and very successful bloggers motivated me to continue my blogging adventure, and made me think of my blog in a more creative way. Their practical advice was delivered in a friendly and down-to-earth manner. I feel l’ve learnt so much in the past 4 weeks. I’m not scared of experimenting with my photos (highly recommend Picmonkey), or changing things in html (I know!).
I feel like I have a clear vision for my blog now after preparing a collage representing how I want secretgardenhome to look like (one of the homeworks we needed to complete).
In a nutshell, I want my blog to inspire you, show you thrifty ways to improve your homes and décor, encourage you to do more upcycling and with regards to garden, persuade you to grow your own.

Last week, the course leader Holly Becker was launching her new book ‘Decorate Workshop’ in ‘Anthropologie’ store in London. I had a pleasure to be there and meet her in person. She’s got a wonderful energy and an excellent sense of humour. Will Taylor, from Bright Bazaar and American stylist James Leland Day, were also present to support Holly on that exciting day.
I met many inspiring fellow bloggers and people from the same course, and I hope I will stay in touch with them to see how they are getting on.

The picture above with Holly and Doris were taken by a very nice anonymous lady, whose name, unfortunately, I missed to capture.

All in all I feel inspired, and despite my cold (I blame the weather), I’m going to stay creative! (Just made myself an onion and sugar syrup. Fingers crossed, it will work!)

Let me know if you have any questions about BYW course, or if you have any comments about the above.




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