Inspiring places: Spitafields Market, London E1

I’m a big fan of East London, perhaps because most of my time in the city was spent there. Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Brick Lane, Hackney and Dalston have gone through a massive transformation in the past 10 years attracting hordes of newcomers interested in this multicultural and vibrant environment. Those who saw potential in this part of London, and invested in a property or a business, certainly don’t regret. East End is one of the most popular destinations for a night out as well as a nice brunch; it’s got something for everyone.

One of my favourite places around there is Spitafields Market. The market started operating in the 17th Century and became one of the most popular places to get fresh fruit and veg. The success of the market attracted the waves of migrants including Huguenots fleeing France in 1685, Irish and Jewish immigrants in the 18th and 19th Century, and the Bangladeshi community from the 70s (More about history). The diversity of cultures and communities makes this area unique, and after the regeneration programme in 2005, the market offers a mixture of Victorian heritage and modern architecture. You can go there to pick a bargain at one of the market stalls (great for vintage fashion and antique furniture, esp. Thursday) or browse a range of shops and restaurants.

Source: via Olga on Pinterest


My favourite shop is called Eightsq, and every fan of shabby chic will appreciate the available stock i.e. restored painted furniture, vintage mirrors and distressed French style clocks. I love going there to get ideas.

Feeling peckish, you have plenty to choose from. However, my favourite place located in Crispin Place is Leon restaurant. Healthy food served in a very stylish surrounding.

The industrial ceiling lamps and the metal stools are my favourite.

Let me know when you go there, and tell me what is your favourite place in Spitafields.




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