Inspiring places: East Berlin

Berlin, in general, it’s one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Its history and culture are fascinating, and perhaps, these are the reasons why this place is so special when it comes to art and design.

Apart from the main attractions, make sure you visit East Berlin. Wondering where to say, consider Michelberger Hotel near Warshauer Straße station. It’s probably one of the coolest hotels I ever stayed in, and, what’s even more important, it’s reasonably priced. Each room is quirky, and has got unique design features. The reception area is welcoming and encourages you to stay there and hang out. The food served is delicious. I highly recommend breakfast there. All in all great location to visit East Berlin’s top attractions.

One of the best things we did was to have taken part in Alternative Berlin Street art tour. I guarantee you would feel inspired!

Berlin street artIf it’s not enough for you, head for the East Side Gallery if the weather is nice.

Also, the Jewish Museum with its new postmodern building created by architect Daniel Libeskind is amazing!

Source: via Laurijs on Pinterest


Have you been to East Berlin before? What did you think?

Hope I inspired you.

Happy Tuesday!



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