Inspiring places: Pinterest

So far, the main focus of this column was on the physical destinations. For a change, I’m going to encourage you to visit an online location. Pinterest, in my opinion, is perfect for any interior research.

First of all, you can easily log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, and you are ready to start your journey with this virtual creative visualisation tool.

To keep your searches in order, create separate boards per topic you are researching e.g. I’ve got a board dedicated to our new bathroom and another one for the kitchen etc. .

You can put in the search tab whatever term you are looking for, and straight away you will see numerous images on your screen. You can view them, you can like them, you can comment on them (it’s a social tool, so don’t be scared) and you can repin them to your dream board. However, you can make your boards secret, if you are a bit shy:).

When you start pinning, you will notice emerging patterns, and that’s when you are likely to get this ‘light bulb moment’ – Yes, that’s how our room should look like! It’s a self-discovery stage of your interior project.

I’m currently visualising our new bathroom, and have been pinning lots of images here.

Can you see the pattern? Black and white floor; modern; large size tiles in blue…When we finish the bathroom revamp, I’m definitely going to share the pictures with you, on Pinterest.

Have a go yourself, and let me know how you get on.



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