Say it with colour: Blue

Second colour I’m going to focus on in this column is BLUE.

blue colour

Blue is associated with serenity and reflection. It’s likely to calm your stressed mind and improves your working efficiency. Thus, it’s frequently used in working environment as it’s intellectually stimulating and aids concentration.

Colours do evoke certain emotions, and many brands are aware of this fact. Blue in branding is used to build trust. Think now of the brands you tend to trust, what colour is their brand? Many banks and airlines know this trick.

Blue might be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly, so the right shade is key.

And as it’s associated with water and peace, blue is perfect for bathrooms, especially when you are going for a seaside look.

Blue interiors

1. Try to paint your office room blue and see your productivity rising.

2. Beatiful blue mosaic tiles make this bathroom relaxing. I can imagine myself spending hours in this shower.

3. Blue is perfect combined with white if you are aiming for a beach cottage look.

Do you like blue? Where would you put blue in your house?

Image source: Housetohome and Houzz



3 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Blue

  1. Hi Mon, this is such an interesting column. I love it. It’s so nice to understand the psychology of it all. Blue always reminds me of the water on the beach back in Australia. Have a good weekend. xD

  2. Hi Doris! I’m pleased you like it. It’s fun to read about colours. I’m finding lots of interesting facts.
    I bet you miss home, esp. when it’s grey and miserable outside.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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