Say it with colour: Yellow

Yellow mellow. Thinking of YELLOW, you can’t help but smile.

Yellow colour

It’s one of the most positive colours; it’s sunny and friendly. It boosts our confidence and helps our self-esteem if the right shade of yellow is used.

Yellow gets our attention and creates happiness and warmth.

It’s great for kitchens, dining rooms and north-facing rooms.

Apparently not very good for bedrooms as might enhance feelings of emotional distress.

Use of yellow colour

1. Absolutely love the yellow kitchen units and the matching pendant lights. This room is inviting and light.

2. Use of yellow in this retro style dining room is making me happy.

3. Yellow and grey combination is always on trend.

Do you like yellow? How do you use yellow in your home?

Read about green and blue.

Image source: First one via Sasha on Pinterest; Second and third one Housetohome



2 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Yellow

  1. I never knew about the emotional stress part in bedrooms, so so interesting. I love yellow but only in little pops, so the first 2 images would be a a bit overwhelming for me. The yellow and grey combination if always a winner I think. xD

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