Say it with colour: Red

Next week it is Valentine’s day. Let’s celebrate LOVE!

The colour most likely to be associated with your heart rate increase (or love) is RED.

Red colour

Red is the colour of passion and energy. Very powerful in grabbing our attention, so you can’t miss it (think of the shop clearance or warning signs, they are always red).

Although red is frequently associated with courage and strength, it might also be perceived as aggressive or violent (use of red material in corrida de toros; the colour of revolution Comrades;)).

As red might be overwhelming, it tends to be used as an accent colour rather than the main one; perfect for accessories in your home to add a splash of colour.

Red interiors

1. Red looks great in a dining room. It means to stimulate the appetite and due to its energy it’s ideal for social occasions. Red chairs in this picture are a winner. I love the industrial ceiling light as well.

2. This kitchen was inspired by an American dinner. Red seats and kitchen units are looking good matched with checkered floor.

3. Red in a bedroom is apparently stimulating and raises the pulse rate haha. I found this image on a website advising how to fengh shui your bedroom. Might work:)

Do you like red? Would you ever paint a room red?

Image source: Apartment Therapy and Houzz



2 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Red

  1. I LOVE red!! I use it all the time, but I’d be too scared to paint an entire room red. The colour red is sentimental to me as R.E.D. are the first letters of my children’s names…Rose, Eilish and Daniel. 🙂

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