Say it with colour: White

Is white a colour, one might ask. Some might say white is a lack of colour.

White colour

WHITE represents purity, innocence and new beginnings (white wedding dress).

It’s bright therefore creates an illusion of spaciousness. It might be perceived as sterile, so tends to be used in places expected to be clean (hospitals and doctors love it).

In my opinion, white is like the blank canvass you can put your stamp on. White combined with any other colour or different textures and materials like wood, can transform a cold and bland interior into a calm and inviting space.

White collage

1. Scandinavians are the best at using white. This Copenhagen’s living room feels huge but homely at the same time thanks to combining white with natural textiles and contrasting it with wooden floor and few furniture pieces. Simple and functional. (Read more about Scandinavian style on Interior Novice’s blog)

2. White and grey/metallic are great together. Remember, there are many shades of white.

3. White is perfect for bathrooms. This place looks clean and tidy thanks to clever storage. Hyacinth or rattan storage boxes look beautiful on a white background in general.

What do you think? Do you use white a lot? Is Scandi style your cup of tea?

Image source: Wabi SabiLovingit, Style Files



2 thoughts on “Say it with colour: White

  1. I love white, you are right some people to think it’s boring, but I agree that it can be a blank canvas and has the potential to turn an interior into anything. Great post. Have a nice weekend xD

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