Inspiring places: Ikea’s showroom

I like Ikea in general. It’s modern, Scandinavian and affordable. I take your point that for a single person it might be more like shopping experience from hell, but I would argue that one can always opt for a home delivery, and having furniture assembly party is always an option.

What I most like about Ikea is their showroom. Try to avoid busy times. We went to the one in Lakeside with S on Saturday evening, and it was half empty, so we could cruise around all different departments starting with the living room, through kitchens to bathrooms.

We went there to get few bathroom accessories as we are having our bathroom done in a week time (can’t wait to show you the pictures). Ikea is great for accessories. The value for money is unbeatable.

I must say whoever designed their showrooms is a genius. Every time we go there, we get more stuff that we intended in a first place. Oups!

Seeing products in a room setting is stimulating. I always leave with 100 more interior ideas, and that’s the point!

Things I like:

Ikea showroom

What do you think of Ikea?

Have a lovely Tuesday.



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