Say it with colour: Pink

I know I missed a week, but with the new bathroom transformations taking longer than expected (I should get used to it)…Apologies for the delay.

This week let’s look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.

pink colour

PINK, it’s my new obsession

PINK, it’s not even a question,

PINK, on the lips of your lover

‘Cause PINK is the love you discover’

The colour pink is comforting, delicate (esp. lighter shades) and optimistic. As a mix of two colours red and white, it inherits the qualities of both: passion and power of red and openness and clarity of white.

It represents the feminine principle, so it’s nurturing and physically soothing. Too much pink, however, might be emotionally draining, and, to some extent, emasculating.

Pink interior collage

1. I love the combination of pink and black in this living room inspired by the culture of India.

2. Pre-teen bedroom doesn’t have to be too girlish and immature. The combination of pink, orange and red with the white walls makes this bedroom highly appealing to a young lady.

3. White bedroom with pink accessories looks relaxing and comfortable.

What do you think of pink? Do you like it? Which colours do you think pink goes best with?

Have a lovely weekend!

Image source: India-Inspirit, HouzzMyLusciousLife,



3 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Pink

  1. You know I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but yesterday when I went on a house tour I saw a girls bedroom that had hot pink carpet against white walls with black accents and I must say I went wow! So I guess I can’t say I hate pink anymore. Thanks for sharing. xD

  2. I think it’s good to be open-minded about colours. Pink is not my favourite either, but the combination of colours above, and the ones you mentioned, can prove us wrong.

    Hope you are enjoying MTB, and Mother’s day!xx

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