Say it with colour: Orange

Every Friday I tell you about a new colour and its associations. This time is ORANGE.

orange colour

Orange represents happiness and sunshine (just like yellow), and, thanks to the influence of red, it’s got the energy and drive.

It’s definitely one of the most positive colours we can expose ourselves to. It makes us spontaneous, enthusiastic and sociable.

It gives us hope…the future is bright! And it keeps us warm.

However, in interiors, orange is a difficult colour to get it right. It took me much longer than usually to find the images I was actually drawn to.

Orange collage

1. Orange, similarly to red, is likely to increase our appetite, so it’s a good idea to use it in a kitchen. Mixing it with white, tones it down. It’s not overpowering anymore.

2. I love these two orange chairs. It’s a great idea to combine orange (warm), green (fresh) and yellow (happy) in one space. Imagine having breakfast there… hold that thought:))

3. Va va voom bedroom, I would say. Very brave!

What do you think of orange?What impact does orange have on you?

Have a lovely weekend!

Image source: Housetohome, Styleathome and Shelterness



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