Say it with colour: Grey

It’s Friday! Hurray!

Time for GREY (haha I’m in a mood for some rhyming).

grey colour

Grey, unfortunately, is mainly associated with doom and gloom and sadness but also, on a good note, with modesty and sophistication.

As a combination of black and white, grey is neutral and as such acts as the perfect background colour.  Mixed with any colour (I love grey and yellow or grey and pink), will lose its negative associations.

As you know there are many shades of grey…one might say at least fifty:).

Grey collage

1. This shower room is pure sophistication, and very masculine.
2. Grey can bring a homely feel when combined with soft furnishings and vintage accessories.
3. This room is elegant and modern. Grey allows us to see well all the period features. I love how grey makes this space calm and relaxing.

Which shade of grey is your favourite?




Image source: Japanese Trash, Housetohome and Dezeen


2 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Grey

  1. I love grey! Its actually my go to color when I am undecided on a color scheme. It works with everything! My patio set is grey, yellow and black! Funny, I actually posted a picture on Instagram today before seeing this post!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      I just saw it on Instagram. I do like grey as well. We are planning to paint our ‘library’ (I know, very posh haha) Urbanite grey.

      Have a lovely weekend and thank you stopping by.


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