Say it with colour: Brown

Every Friday, I’m sharing with you my learnings about colours, how they affect our psyche, and how we can create and often improve our surroundings using certain colours.

brown colourThe colour BROWN is frequently associated with nature and trees (just like green), so it can be perceived as down-to-earth colour signifying stability and support.

Brown is neutral just like grey, so it’s useful in balancing stronger colours. Its non-offensiveness is loved by estate agents who insist that sticking to a neutral palette (think beige…) will attract new buyers.

The colour brown is not the most exciting of colours; perhaps slightly on a boring side, but at the same time it’s homely, reassuring and comforting.

brown decor collage

1. Traditional rustic sitting room (brown goes well with wood and vintage finds).

2. The brown armchair and ottoman are my favourite here. This space is absolutely charming thanks to the antiques and the warm colour palette.

3. Modern rustic living space I adore. The exposed brickwall, vintage globes in one corner, and a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture make this living room special.

What do you think of brown? Is it your colour or not?

Have a lovely weekend.




Image source: Country Living and Home Adore


2 thoughts on “Say it with colour: Brown

  1. I could not agree more. Brown is a very comforting, grounding color. I just recently purchased a dark brown leather tufted couch and I have to say it sets a very inviting tone to my living room. I’m loving your color column! 🙂 Very fun!

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