Towards our dream kitchen

How is everyone? Have you been enjoying the long weekend?

On Saturday, S and I decided to make a move towards our dream kitchen, which meant destroying the old and dated one. It took us approximately 8 hours to remove the old cabinets and shelving, and strip the horrible green paint of the walls.

kitchen quote
That’s how far we got…I’m still aching:)))

kitchen demolishing

Things left to do before the electrics and plumbing can be done are:

  • opening the chimney breast, so we can have a cooker there
  • removing two layers of vinyl tiles
  • changing the door and the window
  • purchase a dishwasher, a gas cooker and a hob

I need your advice on which kitchen to go for. We are currently considering three providers: B&Q, Homebase and Wickes. Have you got any previous experience with any of them? What would your advice be?

Thank you in advance.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend! I’m going to take it easy today, so my muscles can fully recover.





8 thoughts on “Towards our dream kitchen

  1. Me too:)) We recently found out that our initial design is not possible without a structural work, so back to a drawing board. We are going to make our final decision this weekend. Hopefully.

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