How to pimp up your fridge

Our fridge is pretty old, and pretty dull, and as we can’t really afford to get a new one, not even dreaming of getting a SMEG, so I started researching the Internet for ideas.

I came across an article on Design Sponge talking about wallpapered fridge. Simply by using removable wallpaper you can instantly refresh your current appliances (check Murals Your Way or Chasing Paper if you live in US).

But what are other ways you can pimp up your fridge?

Pimp up your fridge1

Blackboard paint is another great idea, and you’ll get a space for your shopping list. I presume kids would love it too for obvious reasons.

Pimp up your fridge2

A white fridge could become a perfect gallery wall to display your favourite pictures or paintings.

Have you come across any other great ideas? I’d love to hear them as I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my old fridge yet.

Happy Sunday and all the best to all Dads!




Images source: Design Sponge,  Home Sweet Home, Apartment Envy and Stina Ballerina


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