New kitchen window

Hi All,

Apologies for being silent, but the kitchen transformation has taken over my life. For the past two weeks, we’ve been trying to select a kitchen fitter, electrician, plumber, carpenter…Madness!

All jobs are interconnected. You can’t start plastering before you do the door; you can’t lay a floor before you do electrics and so on. Chain reaction!

S’s dad  was so kind to help us fit a new window as the old one was too low, and needed to be moved up. It happened last weekend, and it took two days. Thank you George!!!

kitchen window transformation

S’s idea was to purchase the window with a latch at the bottom allowing us to have a full view of our beautiful garden. Genius!

secretgardenhome  kitchen window

Please wish us luck with all the rest. Our kitchen is unsuable at the moment.

We are going away for a week (expect lots of Instagram pictures), and then we need to stay patient for another two weeks…Watch this space!

Hope the weather will improve wherever you are.




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