Inspiring places: Tramshed restaurant, London Shoreditch

Every week my mission is to provide you, dear Readers, with a new interior inspiration.

Do you like to dine in style? I do, but I don’t like to spend a bomb (Toptable special offers  come handy).

Few weeks ago there was a great deal on offer, one not to miss, three course meal and a cocktail at Tramshed for under £20. Bargain!

Tramshed London Shoreditch

My friend Pinni and I were amazed by the décor of the building, which used to be an electricity generating station for trams…hence the name.

The high ceiling with exposed iron beams makes this open space dining area the perfect location for a work of art.

Cock and bull by Damien Hirst

The very relevant sculpture ‘Cock and Bull’ has been created by Damien Hirst himself specifically for Mark Hix’s restaurant. The restaurant serves roast chicken or steak only, so you get the point…I had a steak as the chicken option looked unappetising (it’s served upright with claws intact… hmm).

All in all, the place is worth visiting, if only to see the artwork.

Have you ever been there? Any other restaurants you would recommend for staring at work of art?



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