Inspiring places: Przychodnia bar, Warsaw

Dear All,

Apologies for silence in the ether. I’ve been away, and then not well, hence a slight delay in keeping you up to date.

I’ve got for you another interior inspiration, this time from Warsaw (I was there last week to see my mum).

I came across a wonderful website Warsaw Foodie, where I spotted Przychodnia bar located on Jasna 22, right in the city centre.

Przychodnia bar Warsaw 3

The place is styled as an old clinic from the PRL era (read more here). Unused medical equipment and furniture, health propaganda posters and wall art make this bar an interior inspiration. Even the waiting staff is dressed as doctors to keep with the theme.

Przychodnia bar in Warsaw Poland 2

It’s a great place for brunch/dinner or just a cup of tea/coffee with a good friend, and I’m sure it won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

Przychodnia bar in Warsaw 1

What do you think? Would you fancy eating in a place like this?



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