Pimped up fridge

Hello All,

Hope your Sunday is super sunny. It feels like spring is coming soon. Hurry up!

Last year I started thinking of revamping our old and pretty boring fridge. I had a couple of ideas, but eventually decided to go for Stickygram.

It’s very easy, and not too expensive. You just upload your Instagram photos, and they send you small fridge magnets. They look pretty good, don’t you think?

They bring all the positive emotions, and I get to look at them every day.

pimp up your fridge stickygram

As I had few pictures I love that are pre-Instagram, I used Photobox for slightly bigger magnets. I’m planning to keep adding to this photo gallery.

What do you think? How does your fridge look like?

Have a wonderful Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Pimped up fridge

  1. That’s fantastic, I wish I had a fridge that I could stick magnets on, unfortunately mine is covered with cabinet door.. 😦 The instagram photo’s look great. Have a lovely week Mon. xD

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