Houseplants for shady rooms

Hello All,

Hope you are looking forward to this weekend. Any interesting plans?

I’d started looking for some new houseplants in January with not much luck. My shelves in the living room looked somehow empty without any greenery. I had a difficulty finding something appropriate as the room is north facing and it’s pretty shady for most of days as we keep our blinds half-closed.

Also, as much as I love having plants indoors, I can be quite forgetful and time-poor, so the low maintenance was the key criteria.

After few months of searching around, I finally came across two options, both purchased at my local garden centre: Palour Palm and Boston Fern.

house plants for shady rooms

You’d be happy to know that both plants are doing fine despite my low effort. To find more about hard to kill houseplants click here.

In the meantime, my friend Kasia gave me her old plant, which I promised to take care of. The only issue is, I have no idea what it is. Any thoughts?

a mystery house plant

At least it’s hard to kill, whatever it’s called. It’s proudly displayed in our library.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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