Inspiring places: Italian roadtrip

Hi All,

Hope you had a great summer, and making the best of this last Bank holiday. The weather is not the best (rain, rain…), so I thought I’ll cheer you up by showing you the pictures from our Italian roadtrip.

We went from Verona to Lake Garda through to Tuscany, then by train to Naples and Pompei. Next we headed to Sicily, climbed Etna (highly recommend), chilled in Tusa (check my post about Atelier sul Mare), and partied in Palermo.

Verona, Italy, Italian roadtrip

Lake Garda, Italy, Italian roadtrip

Tuscany, Pisa, Luca, Florence, Italian roadtrip

Naples, Italy, Italian roadtrip

Pompei, Italy, Italian roadtrip

Highlights of Sicily, Italy, Italian roadtrip
All in all it was a holiday to remember, packed with architectural marvells, art, adventures, fun and relexation.

From September, I’m planning to post more regularly. I’ve got lots to tell you about the house and garden…watch this space!

Have you been to Italy before? What is your favourite part?




Photography: secretgardenhome and Tomek Sawko.


4 thoughts on “Inspiring places: Italian roadtrip

  1. Your photos are beautiful! There is so much to see in Italy, it is incredible that you were able to fit that all in! I studied for almost a whole summer in Florence and still felt like I didn’t have enough time to see the south of Italy and Sicily. A road trip seems like the perfect way to get it all in though.

    1. Thank you. I bet you loved your summer. Italy is my favourite holiday destination, and I’m definitely going back. This was our 3rd or 4th visit, but there are still so many places to explore. Sicily is a must, so if you get a chance, put it on your list. Bests Mon

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