Inspiring places: Tate Modern

Since my new job is 2 minutes away from Tate Modern, this stupendous, modern art gallery needs to feature in Inspiring places.

Tate Modern, LondonSince I came to London for good, over 12 years ago, it’s been a major inspiration to me. What I love about this enormous art centre is not only architecture, but the fact you can wonder in at any time and admire free collections of art, sculptures and visual installations.

That’s what caught my eye last time when I went there at lunchtime with my friend Foz.

Modern art, Tate Modern

I would encourage everyone who comes to London to put Tate Modern on their list of places to visit.

If the weather is nice, you can have lunch outside with pretty amazing view of St Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames.

Lunch at Tate Modern

There’s plenty to see in the next few months or so. Check the website for more detail.

What’s your view of Tate Modern?



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