Adding texture and colour with a rug

Hi All,

Hope your mood is better than the weather. It’s pouring down all day in England. Grim!

On days like these, one just wants to cuddle up on a sofa and read. Whilst I was doing so, I remembered that I never wrote to you about our new rugs.

I think the whole room can be transformed with the right rug. I love having wooden floorboards; they look great, but sometimes they might feel a bit cold under feet.

A rug can help with that. It can also add much needed texture to a fairly neutral room and/or a pop of colour.

Adding texture with a rug; textured wool rug; Next rug

For our living room, we found a multi-tonal tuft rug from Next, which helps the room look cosy and welcoming.

Adding colour with a rug; Habitat rug; green rugFor the office room, I wanted something funky and full of colour. I think the green rug from Habitat looks perfect there.

What do you think?

Happy Sunday!




2 thoughts on “Adding texture and colour with a rug

  1. I totally agree with the rug setting a tone for the whole room. We just moved in to a new house 2 months ago and finally got our couches. They are navy blue and just can’t decide what rug will work best. I’m hesitant until I find the right one because it’ll set the mood of the living area. Kudos to you for finding rugs for you 2 spaces.

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