Inspiring places: Warsaw to Berlin part 2

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Following my previous post, let’s take a tour around Berlin.

It’s a great city; vibrant and diverse. I went there back in 2010, so was looking forward to my second visit.

We decided to stay in the same hotel as previously. Michelberger Hotel is one of this places you always feel at home, regardless who you are; young or old, an artist or a business person. The hotel prides itself on having a mixed crowd, probably to reflect the area it’s located – just of Warschauer Strasse (complete coincidence, promise).

Michelberger hotel, Berlin, design hotelThe building used to be a factory as well as a part of the East Germany goverment. It has been transformed by an architect Werner Fricker and a range of interior designers: Azar Kazimir ( creative director), Werner Aisslinger, Till Grosch, Anja Knauer, Sibylle Oellerich, Tina Bunyaprasit, Nadine May and Tom Michelberger, the hotel owner.

Michelberger hotel, The loft roomWe have stayed in one of the loft rooms, which style can be described as simple and handmade. Everything in the room is functional and clutter free.

My favourite detail is a display of old, black&white family photographs linking back to the hotel’s story on the website.

The hotel also offer a more luxurious experience in their special rooms. I was shown some of them during my mini hotel tour (thank you again). The top 2 pictures show a room inspired by Frida Kahlo. Don’t you just love what they’ve done with the colours?!

Michelberger hotel, special rooms, luxus rooms

The bottom 2 photographs, are showing the Chalet room, and my favourite, The Clever One. Next time I’d like to stay there.

The hotel’s location is perfect for those who love street art and alternative bars and clubs. We managed to explore the area around Simon-Dach Strasse (10 mins from the hotel).

Friedrichschain, Berlin, Warschauer strasse

I must say this part of Berlin very much reminds me of the east part of Warsaw; eclectic, second-hand decor and a very friendly atmosphere. Plus, it’s cheap.

Places I would recommend visiting: Mutzenbacher (for schnitzel and apple strudel), Crack Bellmer Bar ( industral decor and cheap beer); Primitiv Bar (for taking us to Twin Peaks), and Suss War Gestern (for music and dancing).

If you fancy a slightly more upmarket experience, head to the other side of the river. We went for dinner to the Volt Restaurant in Krauzberg, next to the canal. Great interior design and food to die for!

Volt restaurant, Berlin, fine dining

During the day, you can easily walk around the city, living and breathing its dramatic history and culture.

Berlin, old and new, history

Or you can cycle like we did. Totaly recommend this experience with Fat Tire Bike Tour.

Fat Tire Bike tour in Berlin

If you like culture and film, don’t miss visiting Berlin’s Filmhaus.

Filmhaus Berlin, Museum of film and tv

Have you been to Berlin? Would you stay in Michelberger Hotel? What are your favourite places there?



Photography: secretgardenhome and Michelberger Hotel. Special thanks to Elena for providing me with an extra info.



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