Bank Holiday gardening

Hi People,

We’ve been very lucky with the weather this Bank Holiday weekend, so we couldn’t miss the chance to start sorting our garden out.

The fence is fully installed, so we thought planning the rest of the garden could commence.

secretgardenhome garden, secret garden

We want to keep the secret garden feel of it as much as we can, but the evil ivy had to go. It was taking over the space and suffocating our lovely trees, so it was no-brainer.

Our apple tree is looking much healthier now, especially that it’s got a new company, David Austin rose, which we decided to relocate from our courtyard and replant in the garden.

David Austin Rose, Apple tree, blooming apple tree, gardening, secretgardenhome

Over the weekend, we discovered absolutely fantastic garden centre, 10 mins drive from us. It’s called Abercorn, and it stocks every plant and tree you might need for your garden. We bought half of the shop (almost) as they had lots of good deals and the prices were affordable.

I was drawn to different shades of red and pink as I want our garden to be colourful.

I fell in love with Japanese maple! It immediately enhanced our border. The one below is called Acer Japanese Jewels ‘Ariadne’ in salmon pink. I adore its colour and the contrast with the green plants around it. It was a birthday present too. Thank you!

Japanese maple, Acer palmatum, Ariadne, salmon pink, gardening, secretgardenhome

The other plant I chose for this area was Pieris, Flaming Silver. I spotted a similar one couple of weeks ago in Hylands Park, and since then I was on the lookout for it.

Pieris, Flaming Silver, gardening, secretgardenhome
The entrance to our garden was always slightly problematic area as its shaded most of the day and the soil is not the best quality. We had to think of low-growing ground cover plants under the tree. We’ve replanted our heathers and decided to add two different types of garden fern. I’m hoping for low maintenance.
Garden fern, plants for shady garden, secretgardenhome
On the other side of the entrance, next to the old coal bunker, we decided to start creating a mini rockery garden using the current layout. The olive tree is getting bigger with every year. We added another Japanese maple (Acer palmatum Bloodgood) hoping it settles here. Height and spread in 10 years 3×3 metres, let’s hope so!
Japanese maple, Acer palmatum Bloodgood, gardening, secretgardenhome, rockery garden

Also, we planted some perennials: Lewisia Elise (the one with pink flowers) and Sedum Silver (attractive to bees).

I’ll keep you posted about the progress.

How was your weekend? Let me know if you’ve got any gardening tips. I’d love to know.



3 thoughts on “Bank Holiday gardening

  1. so nice to read – the garden’s going to be lovely! I’m especially fond of Japanese maples too, the colour of this variety is divine 😊 I’m currently working on a garden design for a client, so this is very timely! jane x

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