Inspiring places: Kensington Gardens

Hi All,

Hope you are feeling super relaxed after 3 day weekend.

On Saturday we went to a smashing barbecue party combined with watching Eurovision (what a laugh), and on Sunday we walked for miles from my friends’ house in Fulham to Holborn.

My first observation was how colourful London is and how different each part is from one another.

I was always more of an East London devotee, but West London has got its charms too. It’s wealthier, that’s for sure, but it’s also very stylish and colourful. Look at these beautiful houses below.

Colourful London, West London, Urban tourist

I used to work in Kensington for over 4 years, so I’m pretty familiar with Kensington Gardens, but I must say, I love coming back. It’s great for wandering around, cycling or a picnic.

Whilst walking through it, we spotted a beautiful cottage garden.

Cottage garden, flowers, Kensington

Great inspiration since we are planning ours at the moment. If only we could recreate this look.

cottage garden inspiration, kensington park

I’m going to try, for sure. Foxgloves and Lupins are my favourite flowers. Also, the purple Irises caught my eye.

Do you like West London? What about Kensington Gardens?

Check secretgardenhome Instagram for more pictures from our mini tour across London. #urbantourist



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