Inspiring places: Soho Factory and Neon Muzeum in Warsaw Praga District

Hello Monday,

After exceptionally hot weekend in London, a bit more about my recent trip to Warsaw.

After Warsaw Powisle, let’s move to the right side of the Vistula River, to look closer at ever-changing Warsaw Praga.

I’m familiar with this part of Warsaw as my grandma used to live there and my highschool was located very close to Warszawa Wilenska railway station (now also a metro station, hurray).

Open Zabkowska, W Oparach absurdu, Warszawska Praga, Warsaw Prage


I wrote before about 11 Listopada and Zabkowska streets. We were lucky enough to attend an Open Zabkowska event this year with live jazz music in an eclectic bar W Oparach Absurdu. Highly recommend popping there for a beer.

However, we wanted to venture out this time and we have discovered absolutely amazing and unique place: Soho Factory in Warsaw Kamionek (Minska street).

Entrance to Soho Factory, Warsaw, Kamionek, Old and new, Factories, architecture


It’s a cultural, design, art and fashion hub spread over a large, post-industrial area transformed into an appealing living, working and entertaining space.

Soho Factory, Warsaw, old and new architecture


The previous home of many manufactories such as Wedel (delicious chocolates) or WFM Osa (super cool motorbikes) has been adapted and developed by the new creative occupants drawn to incredible architecture and an abundance of green space.

Soho factory outside sculpture, Warsaw, Kamionek


There’s a theatre (Studio Kolo), an award winning restaurant (Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler), a design shop (Magazyn Praga) and the best coffee shop in Warsaw (Kofi brand).

Even an alternative travel company can be found there: Adventure Warsaw offering a trip in one of these colourful Nysa vans.

Guided city tours Warsaw, Adventure Warsaw, Nysa van

Not a big surprise that this fantastic space is becoming a desirable place to live. WWAA architectural practice has designed two incredible apartment blocks: Rebel One and Kamion Cross, with the third one on the way. I’d love to move there one day.

Soho Factory, Warsaw, flats, architecture

The most exciting place in Soho Factory is The Neon Muzeum. It’s an independent museum dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the Poland’s cold war era neon signs founded by David Hill and Ilona Karwinska.

Neon museum, Muzeum neonow, Warszawa, Kamionek, Soho Factory

Spolem neon, Neon museum, Soho Factory

We had a pleasure to chat to David, and his passion for the project was evident.

Muzeum neonow, Neon museum, Warsaw, Soho factory, neons, restoring neons

It was an absolutely amazing experience to see all the old neon signs brought to life by these two neon enthusiasts and their team. It’s a must see in Warsaw!

Neon Warszawa, Neon museum, Muzeum neonow, Soho Factory, Kamionek, Warsaw

A few more pictures to give you a flavour.

Neon museum, Muzeum neonow, Warsaw, Kamionek, Soho Factory, neons

All in all, definitely recommend visiting this area.

Look around and you might also spot a cool mural. The below is a creation of Phelgm.

Phelgm mural, Minska, castle mural, Warsaw mural

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Warsaw tour? Any questions, let me know.

Have a good week.



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