Inspiring places: Polish Lake district Mazury

Hello hello,

As promised even more about my recent trip to Poland.

Did you know that Poland has got absolutely beautiful lake district? It’s located in the North-East side of the country and it’s called Mazury by locals.

Jezioro Ukiel, Lake Ukiel, Olsztyn, Mazury, Poland
I always loved Polish lakes, so was really excited to go there again with my partner as we both love nature and prefer to spend our holiday cycling, walking and kayaking. Mazury is a perfect location to do any type of sport.

Polish Mazury district, lake district, lakes, active holidays, cycling, kayaking

This time we went to Olsztyn and stayed next to Lake Ukiel. It’s gorgeous there, and there’s so much to do. Perfect for families too.

Polish Lake district, Mazury, kayaking

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the lakes and the surrounding. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you do recognise some of the images.

ake Ukiel, old boats, lake, Polish lake district

I love water, even more so at night. Having a drink by the water whilst watching the sun going down…priceless!

Lake Ukiel, Swans, beautiful lake, Poland, Mazury

Mazury, Ukiel lake, Polish lake district at night

We stayed at Hotel Przystan, which is pretty luxurious and very modern with a fantastic spa centre.

Przystan hotel&spa, Olsztyn, Zeglarska street

Our room faced the lake, so every day we were waking up to this view.

Hotel Przystan&Spa, Olsztyn

Przystan hotel&spa by night

Food-wise, the hotel’s restaurant is worth eating at if you like thai.

During the day, I would recommend walking to the nearby beach and grab locally sourced food at Plankton restaurant. One of the best tomato soups I ever had; almost as good as my mum’s.

Plankton restaurant, Olsztyn, food

Hope you’ll visit one day. Let me know if you’ve got any questions.



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