Instagram Bootcamp

Hi All,

Hope you had a nice weekend and that you’ve spent it outside.

What a glorious weather finally!

I’ve been busy this week as I’ve signed up for an inspiring e-course: Instagram Bootcamp via Blogging Your Way run by Holly Becker.

I love IG and I’m totally addicted to it, so want to make my secretgardenhome feed as inspiring and colourful as possible.

Already my images are improving, don’t you think?

One more week of this inspiring class.

Have a good week.



Upcycled brick door stop

Hello All,

Hope you had as amazing weekend as I did! Don’t check the weather forecast just yet!

I’m popping in to show you S’s latest creation.

We’ve been building lots of things in our garden using reclaimed bricks, so the idea to use one of them as a door stop, must have struck him then.

Upcycled brick door stop

He painted one half using our leftover paint in Dove grey, and kept the other half to show the old pattern. Easy peasy!

In my opinion, it’s pretty good upcycling effort. What do you think?


Victorian front path ideas

Hi All,

Hope you had a good week and looking forward to this weekend.

I’ve extended mine by taking Friday off. Hurray!

Just doing some research about Victorian front paths on Pinterest.

Can’t decide whether to go for black and white tiles or be more adventurous and opt for one extra colour.


Victorian front path ideas

I’ll keep you posted.


Norm 69: a classic and timeless pendant is up

Hi All,

Hope 2015 is treating you well so far.

It’s a really busy month for me, but I promised myself to finish a couple of jobs around the house in January.

One of them was to, finally, treat my library (read: treat myself) to the new ceiling light.

It didn’t take me long to convince S that our best choice is Norm 69 from Normann Copenhagen.

Norm 69 Normann Copenhagen assemble

I had my eye on this classic design pendant for ages. Originally, it was designed by Simon Karkov back in 1969, but it was kept hidden until 2001 when the start-up company Normann Copenhagen decided to release it. The rest is history.

The timeless Danish lamp inspired by flowers and cones, consists of sixty nine elements, which need to be put together by a buyer.

It took a couple of hours, but the effect is amazing, don’t you think?

Norm 69 lamp, Classic Danish design; design icon

What do you think of Danish design?



Urban Jungle Bloggers: Back to school – plants on the workplace

For those of you who don’t know it, Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series created by Igor and Judith who wanted to share their passion for green urban spaces with the fellow bloggers.

I’ve been following this initiative for a while (Thanks Doris from Interior Novice for introducing me to this idea), but until this month, I didn’t get a chance to participate.


This month’s theme is ‘Back to school – plants on the workplace’. As you know I’ve recently re-done my office space, so thought it’s a great opportunity to join in.

We’ve got plants around the house as, in my opinion, they add colour (I love green), texture and personality to the room. As soon as I finished my creative space, I knew something was missing.

At the moment, I don’t want any plants on my desk as I need as much space as possible for my creative endeavours, but I knew I needed something in one of the corners.

I thought a succulent like Zamia (it was a gift, so I’m guessing that’s what it is) would be perfect for my office room. It looks great next to my pop art picture and it doesn’t need a lot of water, so it’s a hassle-free houseplant.

Urban jungle bloggers back to school plants in the workplace

When I need a break from searching the net, I can sit down on my sofa and just admire this resistant houseplant. It’s getting bigger…

Perhaps with time, I’ll figure out how to have more plants in this room. I really like the idea below from 79 ideas, so watch this space.

79ideas_beautiful_studio hanging plants from a ceiling

Feel free to join the fun with Urban Jungle Bloggers.



Inspiring places: Urban tourist in London

Hi All,

I know, I know, I’ve been very quiet for a while, but you can imagine that I’ve been pretty busy with all the job hunting etc. . The good news is I’m employed again and working for one of the best media companies in London, very much into interior design and fashion. Dream job for me!

However, during the bad times, I was trying to keep myself sane by becoming an urban tourist in London. Thank you to all who joined me on my city adventures.

Just wanted to share with you a few images I took over the past 2 months in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Urban tourist London bridge
Southbank St Pauls Tate Modern Art
Shadwell and Dockland
Urban tourist, urban beach, London, Canary Wharf and City

If you ever feel down, go outside and explore. Sundays are especially great to do it.

What are you favourite places in London? Any secret places worth discovering for yourself?

Have a lovely weekend all.