American diner floor

S and I always loved black and white floor typical for 50’s American diners. We decided to go for a sheet vinyl from CarpetRight, which was laid in our bathroom and utility room.

We went for slightly bigger squares, hence the rooms look much bigger.
Vinyl floor
What do you think?



Finally new bathroom

Do you remember, few weeks ago we started our bathroom transformation. It was supposed to take 4 days. It took…over 2 weeks, but we are finally getting there.

bathroom transformation step by step

Just a quick reminder how it looked before

bathroom collage before

And this is how it’s looking now.

bathroom collage after

1. New bath and shower. Blue tiles are called Fox Azul and we bought them at Topps Tiles. They are absolutely beautiful. The bath and the bath taps came from Victoria Plumb. Most of our bathroom came from there. They offer a very good value for money, but their post-purchase customer service is appalling.

The bath gave us lots of grief. Seven days into the project we noticed a  small crack where the panel was installed. Thank God, it was easy to sort out. You can just imagine the stress we went through…If you have a similiar problem, check this service.

2. The shower came from Better Bathrooms. And it’s the best shower in the world:)).

3. I had my eye on a vanity unit like this one for a long time (Odessa floor mounted unit). The mosaic tiles (Niebla giava) came from Topps Tiles.

4. Sienne WC unit is looking perfect. The large Urbino Matt white tiles are from B&Q, and I love them. The hooks came from Ikea.

We still need to:

  • lay the floor
  • change the light
  • fix the mirror above the sink
  • sort our side cupboard

But more or less, we are almost there.

What do you think? Any tips about bathroom floor? We are thinking about vinyl.