Upcycled chain mirror on the wall

Just a quick post to show you another picture of our hallway leading to the two bedrooms.

Hallway chain mirror

We hanged some pictures a while ago, but there was something missing…

I was very pleased to discover this old chain mirror in our storage, which was left behind by the previous owners of the property. Nothing beats upcycling!

I think it looks perfect on the wall. What do you think?



How to display artwork and pictures in your home

Couple of weeks ago, we finally started to fill our walls with pictures. It’s the most satisfying part of decorating your own place. Immediately, you add a personality to your abode.

In our living room, above the sofa, we wanted some sort of gallery wall. We decided to go for the vinyl album covers. We’ve been collecting albums for a good few years. Antique shows and second hand/charity shops are perfect for finding your favourite music from the past or present.

Vinyl albums arrangement

Vinyl album covers gallery wall

Obviously, Queens of the Stone Age are up there as well haha

What I like about framing your favourite album covers is changeability; you can swap them at any time.

Library pictures and cameras above the shelves

In the library, we decided to utilise a space above the shelves to display film-related equipment and memorabilia (it’s primarily my boyfriend’s room, so it was his call).

Plus, we’ve added another old album cover in a corner.

Library album cover

Upstairs, the hallway got a makeover as well. Keeping with a film theme, we decided to create old film stars’ gallery wall. I think the black and white pictures are great. Hope you can name all of the below.

Film stars hallway gallery wall

In the office/second bedroom, it’s all about contemporary art and street art. Above the fireplace, we placed Roy Lichtenstein’s reproduction of Girl with Hair Ribbon, which goes well with our green wall.

Lichtenstein reproduction, pop art

On another wall, we decided to display Steve’s pictures of Banksy’s street art, which we found in London in 2006/07. If you want to see more, please check Stephen Pick Art.

Street art pictures taken in 20062007My top tips for displaying artwork/pictures in your house are:

  • Pick the pictures/paintings/things that mean something to you. Every time you glance at your wall creations, the good memories will pop in your head.
  • Lay them on a floor first to check whether the combination you chose is right/flows nicely. You can use one binding colour or motive if you like, but generally just follow your instinct.
  • You can change it at anytime; so don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, textures and themes.

What do you tend to put on your walls? Have you got any tips about how to do it?