Teal and hot pink bedroom

Hi All,

Hope your weekend is going well. Let’s hope the rain will go away soon.

I thought I’d share with you few changes we’ve made to our master bedroom.

It was one of the first rooms we redecorated when we moved in. I had a vision of a teal and sage green, elegant room with a damask wallpaper on a feature wall.

I was happy with the room at first, but during our renovation process, our design decisions were skewed towards a more modern interior, so we felt our master bedroom needed to reflect that.

As much as I love teal, the room required an extra colour, which would liven this space up.

I was drawn to hot pink, and slowly started researching home accessories in this colour.

Teal and hot pink bedroom

In my opinion, teal and hot pink are a perfect colour match, don’t you think?

Masterbedroom teal and hot pink


1. I love the colour and shape of these Habitat Fitz table lamps. They also make the room look very romantic at night. Winning!

2. My boyfriend took this picture during our fabulous holiday in Brazil.  In order to match the scheme, he kindly adjusted the colour to fit with teal and hot pink scheme.

3. I was looking for a pink/magenta throw for a long time. I knew I could count on John Lewis…and it was on sale. Winning again!

What do you think? Do you think I picked the right colour?

Enjoy your Sunday!




My life is in storage

On my recent trip to Dunelm Mill (I’m becoming a big advocate of this store), we found two Water Hyacinth storage boxes.

The small one (£16.99) became a bedside table and a stand for Ikea Böja table lamp designed by Maria Vinka (great gift from Steve’s sister).

The larger box (£26.99) has been placed at the top of the wardrobe.

Mission complete!

Get on the floor


Have you ever needed to choose a new floor?! That was a difficult task and an expensive one as well. So far the most expensive purchased we have made.

We knew we wanted to go for a wooden floor in all four rooms, but little we knew that the choice of flooring is that vast. The choice was:

  • Real wood versus engineered wood
  • Type of wood: oak versus bamboo
  • Shade: dark, medium, light
  • Type of finish: oiled, lacquered or unfinished
  • Installation: tonque-and-groove versus click-lock planks
  • Not to mention thickness and width, underlay… and obviously COST

Would you feel overwhelmed? I was.

I’ve done some research (Check Which or Housetohome for more info), and we decided to approach our local flooring company, which was recommended by a neighbour – Country Flooring. We decided against approaching a standard DIY store as we required lots of advice and were hoping for a better deal (you are more likely to negotiate a price deal with a small business).

At the end we went for the Calista Oiled Engineered Wood flooring, which was fitted (yes, we had it installed) on Timermate Excel underlay with Oak Veneered Scotia and solid oak door bars and rad rose. The installers did our two bedrooms upstairs, which were painted and ready to go. They will do the remaining two reception rooms when we finish redecorating them (hopefully in the next 2-3 months).

Why we went for the engineered wood at the end? Price was a big factor in our decision (£37 per sq m instead of £45plus per sq m) as well as its resistance to changes caused by a room’s temperature.

Installation tip: make sure that you think through how you want to have it done. We had a bespoke unit, and initially we instructed the workmen to lay the floor around it, but it didn’t look good, so they need to fix it. Argh!

How to make a headboard

Even for people with little manual skills like me, making a headboard can be classed as easy.

Total cost £55. Bargain!

Shopping list

  • A piece of wood/MDF board cut to size from any DIY store
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Hemline brass cover buttons
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Screwdriver and piece of string
  • A small piece of wire or plastic tubing
  • Staple gun and spray adhesive
  • Some screws or flush mounts

Measure how wide you want your board to be (width of your bed) and how tall (tip: if you want a shelf at the top, make sure your arm can reach it), and take your measurements to any DIY store.

If they don’t have it on-site, just ask a customer assistant to cut it for you to size. I went to Homebase, and they were more than happy to do it for me.

Another thing to consider here is how thick you want it. We went for a fairly thin piece (approx. 10 cm) as we knew we were going to attach it to the box, but you might consider a thicker board if it’s going to be a standalone headboard.

I used only 2 inches thick foam. A good idea is to fold it few times to achieve the required thickness. I got 2.5 metres of sage green fabric to match my colour scheme and the buttons at Hobbycraft.

Steps by step guide:

  1. Place your piece of wood on two stools and lay the foam over the top. Fold as many times as you want in order to achieve the required thickness. Cut the excess with scissors or a utility knife. Fix it to the board with a staple gun and/or spray adhesive. Make sure the surface is as smooth as possible.
  2. Repeat this step with your chosen fabric. Don’t cut the excess immediately as it will be useful when stretching the material over the board (it’s easier if you’ve got some help at this point so the surface looks nice and smooth). When you fix it with a staple gun then you can cut the excess and put it to one side for the buttons.
  3. Cover the buttons with the spare material, spread them evenly and align them using a ruler. Measure the distance between them, turn the board over and measure exactly the same distance on the other side. Using a pencil, highlight where each of the buttons is placed. You need to fix the buttons to the top of the material using a piece of string. Gently drill a hole on the other side of the board with a power drill. Pull the string through and knot it twice. Use a piece of wire or plastic tubing to stop the knot sliding through. Check the buttons are fixed permanently.
  4. The last step is fixing the headboard to the box or the wall if you prefer. We screwed the headboard to the box, but you can also fix it to the wall using flush mounts.

All done. Sleep well!

Storage solution for small bedrooms

Our master bedroom size and layout did not allow us to have a bedside table on each side, and as I’m a strong believer of symmetry (in a relationship as well), we had to come up with a bespoke design.

First of all we decided to upcycle our old queen size bed. As the bed was dark wood (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from before), we painted all the wood white, and then removed the old, shabby looking wood headboard.

After doing some research online, I designed (using some pictures from my creative visualisation board) a bespoke shelving unit/box. Our multi-skilled DIY expert/carpenter Steve’s dad George kindly agreed to do the job (easy for him, impossible from my point of view).

As George knows best, we went for an MDF based unit placed next to the wall directly behind the bed. The width matched the width of bed, and in order to maximise space, I asked for two shelves on both sides, so we could have extra storage apart from the top of the box.

The top was meant to be not too high allowing us to reach for a book or switch on/off the night lamp.

The only thing missing from this cleverly designed unit, was a HEADBOARD.

Story so far…

We started looking for a property in May 2011. The first few months were tough as dealing with some estate agents was, at best, frustrating, and the properties on offer in the area we started looking at did not meet our expectations or budget limit.

Luckily, we decided to extend our search area remembering what Kirstie and Phil always say ‘Location, location, location’. Rightmove.co.uk was great and helped us with a shortlist of properties to view as well as getting us more familiarized with what we could afford in our selected area.

And that’s how, over a year ago, we discovered Chelmsford. We didn’t know anything about this place; we had no idea that the city (yes, it’s a city now!) has so much to offer to young first time buyers. A shopping centre, lovely parks, theatres, cinema and decent pubs, and only 35 mins to London Liverpool street. Perfect location for our first home! Anywhere closer to London, we could only afford a flat. Moving to Chelmsford, we managed to get ourselves a two bedroom house, with two reception rooms and a gorgeous cottage style garden (I dare to say the best on the street).

The purchasing process went surprisingly smoothly thanks to some very helpful Estate Agents at Home Partnership. Plus, the sellers were genuinely lovely people and we moved here at the beginning of December 2011. So almost seven months here…

And we haven’t had a rest since… We had to install gas central heating, change two sash windows, strip all the carpets to reveal wooden floorboards, strip the walls, re-plaster one of the rooms…Sounds busy!

As our house is spread over three floors (two floors and a basement), we started from the top.

The master bedroom is almost finished. Please see the picture.

Next on the agenda is guest bedroom/office room.