Say it with colour

This is a summary of everything I’ve learnt about colours over the years.

It used to be a weekly column, which I created to cheer myself up and everyone else who suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

If you like colours and interiors, please feel free to read.

Let’s start with GREEN; colour associated with nature, hope, spring (can’t wait) and freshness.

Green colourGreen is definitely one of my favourite colours and always puts me in a good mood. If I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I tend to wear green. My surname derives from green, so it’s not a surprise that I surround myself with this colour.


According to colour psychology (I didn’t make it up), green brings tranquillity and health and as such is perfect for bedrooms and places where you are willing to relax.

Green interior

1. I love the combination of olive green and white.

2. The darker shade of green gives this bedroom a sophisticated look.

3. Green and teal combination on a white background makes this room fresh but at the same time relaxing.

There are many shades of green, but my favourites are: sage green, teal and so-called British racing green.

Images source: Inhometrend, Beautiful Places for living and Elisabeth Anne Designs

Second colour I’m going to focus on in this column is BLUE.

blue colour

Blue is associated with serenity and reflection. It’s likely to calm your stressed mind and improves your working efficiency. Thus, it’s frequently used in working environment as it’s intellectually stimulating and aids concentration.

Colours do evoke certain emotions, and many brands are aware of this fact. Blue in branding is used to build trust. Think now of the brands you tend to trust, what colour is their brand? Many banks and airlines know this trick.

Blue might be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly, so the right shade is key.

And as it’s associated with water and peace, blue is perfect for bathrooms, especially when you are going for a seaside look.

Blue interiors

1. Try to paint your office room blue and see your productivity rising.

2. Beatiful blue mosaic tiles make this bathroom relaxing. I can imagine myself spending hours in this shower.

3. Blue is perfect combined with white if you are aiming for a beach cottage look.

Image source: Housetohome and Houzz

Yellow mellow. Thinking of YELLOW, you can’t help but smile.

Yellow colour

It’s one of the most positive colours; it’s sunny and friendly. It boosts our confidence and helps our self-esteem if the right shade of yellow is used.

Yellow gets our attention and creates happiness and warmth.

It’s great for kitchens, dining rooms and north-facing rooms.

Apparently not very good for bedrooms as might enhance feelings of emotional distress.

Use of yellow colour

1. Absolutely love the yellow kitchen units and the matching pendant lights. This room is inviting and light.

2. Use of yellow in this retro style dining room is making me happy.

3. Yellow and grey combination is always on trend.

Image source: First one via Sasha on Pinterest; Second and third one Housetohome

The colour most likely to be associated with your heart rate increase (or love) is RED.

Red colour

Red is the colour of passion and energy. Very powerful in grabbing our attention, so you can’t miss it (think of the shop clearance or warning signs, they are always red).

Although red is frequently associated with courage and strength, it might also be perceived as aggressive or violent (use of red material in corrida de toros; the colour of revolution Comrades;)).

As red might be overwhelming, it tends to be used as an accent colour rather than the main one; perfect for accessories in your home to add a splash of colour.

Red interiors

1. Red looks great in a dining room. It means to stimulate the appetite and due to its energy it’s ideal for social occasions. Red chairs in this picture are a winner. I love the industrial ceiling light as well.

2. This kitchen was inspired by an American dinner. Red seats and kitchen units are looking good matched with checkered floor.

3. Red in a bedroom is apparently stimulating and raises the pulse rate haha. I found this image on a website advising how to fengh shui your bedroom. Might work:)

Image source: Apartment Therapy and Houzz

Is white a colour, one might ask. Some might say white is a lack of colour.

White colour

WHITE represents purity, innocence and new beginnings (white wedding dress).

It’s bright therefore creates an illusion of spaciousness. It might be perceived as sterile, so tends to be used in places expected to be clean (hospitals and doctors love it).

In my opinion, white is like the blank canvass you can put your stamp on. White combined with any other colour or different textures and materials like wood, can transform a cold and bland interior into a calm and inviting space.

White collage

1. Scandinavians are the best at using white. This Copenhagen’s living room feels huge but homely at the same time thanks to combining white with natural textiles and contrasting it with wooden floor and few furniture pieces. Simple and functional. (Read more about Scandinavian style on Interior Novice’s blog)

2. White and grey/metallic are great together. Remember, there are many shades of white.

3. White is perfect for bathrooms. This place looks clean and tidy thanks to clever storage. Hyacinth or rattan storage boxes look beautiful on a white background in general.

Image source: Wabi SabiLovingit, Style Files

But back to BLACK

black colour

Black absorbs all colours, and leaves us in the dark. I must admit I find black colour depressing and cold. However, I recognise its power as one of the most glamorous colours. Used right in interiors can create extremely sophisticated space.

Too much black though might be emotionally overwhelming. If you are generally pessimistic, try to avoid black.

Black interior collage

1. Industrial and black living space…super chic. The black bookshelf, pendant lights and, my favourite, the black Chesterfield sofa make this room extremely glamorous.

2. Black and gold combination works for me. This stunning gold mirror stands out even more on a black background.

3. Black and white interior is perfect if you are after a stylish office giving an impression of authority and power.

Image source: Murray Mitchell, Akzibi and PTagler

This week let’s look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.

pink colour

PINK, it’s my new obsession

PINK, it’s not even a question,

PINK, on the lips of your lover

‘Cause PINK is the love you discover’

The colour pink is comforting, delicate (esp. lighter shades) and optimistic. As a mix of two colours red and white, it inherits the qualities of both: passion and power of red and openness and clarity of white.

It represents the feminine principle, so it’s nurturing and physically soothing. Too much pink, however, might be emotionally draining, and, to some extent, emasculating.

Pink interior collage

1. I love the combination of pink and black in this living room inspired by the culture of India.

2. Pre-teen bedroom doesn’t have to be too girlish and immature. The combination of pink, orange and red with the white walls makes this bedroom highly appealing to a young lady.

3. White bedroom with pink accessories looks relaxing and comfortable.

Image source: India-Inspirit, HouzzMyLusciousLife

Time for ORANGE.

orange colour

Orange represents happiness and sunshine (just like yellow), and, thanks to the influence of red, it’s got the energy and drive.

It’s definitely one of the most positive colours we can expose ourselves to. It makes us spontaneous, enthusiastic and sociable.

It gives us hope…the future is bright! And it keeps us warm.

However, in interiors, orange is a difficult colour to get it right. It took me much longer than usually to find the images I was actually drawn to.

Orange collage

1. Orange, similarly to red, is likely to increase our appetite, so it’s a good idea to use it in a kitchen. Mixing it with white, tones it down. It’s not overpowering anymore.

2. I love these two orange chairs. It’s a great idea to combine orange (warm), green (fresh) and yellow (happy) in one space. Imagine having breakfast there… hold that thought:))

3. Va va voom bedroom, I would say. Very brave!

Image source: Housetohome, Styleathome and Shelterness

Time for GREY (haha I’m in a mood for some rhyming).

grey colour

Grey, unfortunately, is mainly associated with doom and gloom and sadness but also, on a good note, with modesty and sophistication.

As a combination of black and white, grey is neutral and as such acts as the perfect background colour.  Mixed with any colour (I love grey and yellow or grey and pink), will lose its negative associations.

As you know there are many shades of grey…one might say at least fifty:).

Grey collage

1. This shower room is pure sophistication, and very masculine.
2. Grey can bring a homely feel when combined with soft furnishings and vintage accessories.
3. This room is elegant and modern. Grey allows us to see well all the period features. I love how grey makes this space calm and relaxing.

Image source: Japanese Trash, Housetohome and Dezeen


Purple colour

The colour frequently associated with lent is PURPLE. It can be associated with mourning, but also with royalty (the crucifixion but also Christ’s resurrection).

The colour purple stimulates our imagination and enhances our spirituality. It can be as strong and full of energy as red, but it also benefits from serenity of blue.

The meaning of purple most often refers to nobility, abundance, dignity but also fantasy. Too much of the colour purple can promote or aggravate depression in some, so use it with care.

Purple collage

1. The colour purple can create an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance. This room has been designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Los Angeles home.

2. This room is super romantic, magical and mysterious. I’m ready for daydreaming now…

3. The combination of blue and purple/violet works well in this eclectic and full of character room.

Image source: Brunch at Saks, Heartfire at Home and UKTV

The last colour I’m going to talk about here is brown.

brown colourThe colour BROWN is frequently associated with nature and trees (just like green), so it can be perceived as down-to-earth colour signifying stability and support.

Brown is neutral just like grey, so it’s useful in balancing stronger colours. Its non-offensiveness is loved by estate agents who insist that sticking to a neutral palette (think beige…) will attract new buyers.

The colour brown is not the most exciting of colours; perhaps slightly on a boring side, but at the same time it’s homely, reassuring and comforting.

brown decor collage

1. Traditional rustic sitting room (brown goes well with wood and vintage finds).

2. The brown armchair and ottoman are my favourite here. This space is absolutely charming thanks to the antiques and the warm colour palette.

3. Modern rustic living space I adore. The exposed brickwall, vintage globes in one corner, and a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture make this living room special.

Image source: Country Living and Home Adore

To summarise, let’s talk about multicoloured interiors.


We’ve learned so far a bit about all different colours, but what is going to happen when we mix them all together?!

If we do it right, we can end up with an absolutely amazing, colourful space fulfilling us with joy and bringing people together.

multicolour collage

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about different colours.

What is your favourite colour of all the above?




Image source: Housetohome, Centro Architecture, John Lewis and Murals Wallpaper


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