Rose garden

First of all, happy weekend!

We’ve been very lucky with the weather recently. It permanently feels like we are on holiday in London.

Thanks to the weather and my excellent gardening skills ha ha, my roses are blooming and spreading all over my front and back garden. I love the fact they are so colourful and stylish.

Pink rose, rose garden, secretgardenhome

Pink and white rose, rose garden, secretgardenhome

Coral rose, rose garden, secretgardenhomeOrange rose, rose garden, secretgardenhomeThe most beautiful flowers, in my opinion. They look so gracious and peaceful! Even when their life is coming to an end…Dying rose, pink rose, flower compositionWhat do you think?  Do you like roses?



Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant colour pop

Good morning All,

What a beautiful Saturday! Finally, it feels like summer in England.

I jumped out of bed this morning to join a monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers’ challenge.

A quick reminder, Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series created by Igor and Judith who wanted to share their passion for green urban spaces with the fellow bloggers.

This month’s theme is Plant colour pop. I love colours, so couldn’t wait to have some fun with this task.

Urban Jungle Bloggers colour pop, plant colour pop pink

Urban jungle bloggers, plant colour pop, teal

Urban jungle bloggers, plant colour pop, yellow

Which colour is your favourite?

Feel free to join the fun with Urban Jungle Bloggers. The next one is in September.




Instagram Bootcamp

Hi All,

Hope you had a nice weekend and that you’ve spent it outside.

What a glorious weather finally!

I’ve been busy this week as I’ve signed up for an inspiring e-course: Instagram Bootcamp via Blogging Your Way run by Holly Becker.

I love IG and I’m totally addicted to it, so want to make my secretgardenhome feed as inspiring and colourful as possible.

Already my images are improving, don’t you think?

One more week of this inspiring class.

Have a good week.


Inspiring places: Kensington Gardens

Hi All,

Hope you are feeling super relaxed after 3 day weekend.

On Saturday we went to a smashing barbecue party combined with watching Eurovision (what a laugh), and on Sunday we walked for miles from my friends’ house in Fulham to Holborn.

My first observation was how colourful London is and how different each part is from one another.

I was always more of an East London devotee, but West London has got its charms too. It’s wealthier, that’s for sure, but it’s also very stylish and colourful. Look at these beautiful houses below.

Colourful London, West London, Urban tourist

I used to work in Kensington for over 4 years, so I’m pretty familiar with Kensington Gardens, but I must say, I love coming back. It’s great for wandering around, cycling or a picnic.

Whilst walking through it, we spotted a beautiful cottage garden.

Cottage garden, flowers, Kensington

Great inspiration since we are planning ours at the moment. If only we could recreate this look.

cottage garden inspiration, kensington park

I’m going to try, for sure. Foxgloves and Lupins are my favourite flowers. Also, the purple Irises caught my eye.

Do you like West London? What about Kensington Gardens?

Check secretgardenhome Instagram for more pictures from our mini tour across London. #urbantourist


Inspiring places: Zara Home

Hello hello,

Life has been very hectic and stressful recently, so there’s nothing better than a bit of interior retail therapy!

I was very pleased to discover that Zara Home has moved in to High Street Kensington giving me an opportunity to browse their beautiful and colourful shop at lunchtimes.
Zara Home colour

I hardly could keep my wallet hidden as I was feasting my eyes on a wide range of home accessories and textiles.

You know how I like colour…The emerald green cushions and frames were calling me…and the neon colours lifted my mood immediately.

Neon colours at Zara home

Have you bought anything from Zara Home before? What do you think of their new range?


Inspiring places: Bright Bazaar book

Hi All,

Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend. Today has been absolutely lovely, hasn’t it?

This time in Inspiring places, I decided to talk about the latest interior book by Will Taylor, mainly known for his extremely colourful and inspiring blog Bright Bazaar.

I’ve been following Will’s blog for almost 2 years now, so when I found out that he’s publishing a book, I was super excited and pre-ordered it immediately. I’ve been going through it for the past week and a half, and can’t get enough.

Bright Bazaar book review

The subtitle ‘Embracing colour for make-you-smile style’ is a perfect summary what you can expect from the author. For those who love colour like me (do you remember my column ‘Say it with colour’?), and for those who are still a bit shy or uncertain about using colours in interior design, this book can be used as a guide through all different hues combinations. A range of practical hints&tips and beautiful photography can convert any non-colour lover into, at least, a colour explorer.

My favourite part of the book is Colour Coctails chapter where Will references his travel and past experiences to present his signature colour palettes. He encourages his readers to create their own colour cocktails by slowly building a collage of colours that make them feel good when they are around them.

Each colour cocktail presented by Will has got a catchy name like ‘The Candy Crush’ or ‘The Strawberry Split’, and they all make sense when you find out about their origin.

I looked at my house, and had a go at identifying Will’s colour combinations.

secretgardenhome's colour cocktails

Did I get it right Will? I could always give them another name, couldn’t I? Choosing your colours is fun, and that’s what Will is trying to say to his readers.

I highly recommend the Bright Bazaar book, and I can assure you, it’s going to inspire you.

Have a good week.