Inspiring places: RHS Garden Hyde Hall

What a beautiful long weekend we’ve had!

I was lucky enough to visit The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Hyde Hall in Essex, 15 mins drive from my house. I was instantly inspired by the colours, nature and absolutely stunning flowers.

rhs garden Hyde Hall colours

rhs garden Hyde Hall flowers

Thank you Sheila for the ticket:))

For those of you who love flowers, there’s the Chelsea Flower Show at the end of May. I can’t go this year, so if any of you are going, please send me some pictures.

Have a lovely week all!





Favela painting art project

Hello All,

I thought I’ll brighten up your day by showing you a colourful art project started by Dutch duo Haas&Hahn in Santa Marta Communidad in Rio de Janeiro.

I came across an article in the Guardian about it, and realised that we’ve been there.

Santa  Marta communidad Favela painting art project Rio

To read more about Rio de Janeiro, click here.

What do you think of art projects such as this one?

Happy Sunday!



Teal and hot pink bedroom

Hi All,

Hope your weekend is going well. Let’s hope the rain will go away soon.

I thought I’d share with you few changes we’ve made to our master bedroom.

It was one of the first rooms we redecorated when we moved in. I had a vision of a teal and sage green, elegant room with a damask wallpaper on a feature wall.

I was happy with the room at first, but during our renovation process, our design decisions were skewed towards a more modern interior, so we felt our master bedroom needed to reflect that.

As much as I love teal, the room required an extra colour, which would liven this space up.

I was drawn to hot pink, and slowly started researching home accessories in this colour.

Teal and hot pink bedroom

In my opinion, teal and hot pink are a perfect colour match, don’t you think?

Masterbedroom teal and hot pink


1. I love the colour and shape of these Habitat Fitz table lamps. They also make the room look very romantic at night. Winning!

2. My boyfriend took this picture during our fabulous holiday in Brazil.  In order to match the scheme, he kindly adjusted the colour to fit with teal and hot pink scheme.

3. I was looking for a pink/magenta throw for a long time. I knew I could count on John Lewis…and it was on sale. Winning again!

What do you think? Do you think I picked the right colour?

Enjoy your Sunday!



Say it with colour: Fitz lamps

Hope your weekend is going well despite miserable weather (hot and cold; hot and cold).

Apologies for a slight delay, but I was getting my birthday BBQ party ready, so had no time for blogging or a thorough colour research…Hopefully you’ll forgive me:))

In the meantime, have a look what I spotted on my last visit to Homebase to buy a gazebo (it saved the party).

Fitz glass table lamp

Fitz Glass table lamps are available in three colours: cerise, white and orange. I got two in cerise for my bedroom as I think they go well with my teal wallpaper.

Which is your favourite?

Since Home Retail Group, owner of Homebase and Argos, purchase the UK rights to the Habitat brand, every time I visit my local DIY store, I feel inspired.


Say it with colour: Multicoloured interior

It’s Friday! Hurray! And we’ve got a Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us…and the weather forecast, for once, is looking promising…Good times!


In order to celebrate all of the above, I decided to dedicate this post to multicoloured interiors.

We’ve learned so far a bit about all different colours, but what is going to happen when we mix them all together?!

If we do it right, we can end up with an absolutely amazing, colourful space fulfilling us with joy and bringing people together.

multicolour collage

What do you think of the multicoloured rooms? Do you think it’s easy or not to create such a room?

From next week, I’m going to start looking at perfect colour combinations.

Have a lovely weekend.




Image source: Housetohome, Centro Architecture, John Lewis and Murals Wallpaper

Say it with colour: Colourful garden

Hello Everyone,

The weather has been treating us well this week hence I’ve been spending us much time as possible outside soaking up the sun…I know you will forgive me:))

I would encourage you to go to your garden or the nearest park and enjoy it…until it rains again!

garden colours

And whilst enjoying all the colours around you, please don’t forget to feed the birds. They need us!

Feed the birds

Have a lovely weekend, and let’s hope the weather forecast won’t come true this time!



Say it with colour: Brown

Every Friday, I’m sharing with you my learnings about colours, how they affect our psyche, and how we can create and often improve our surroundings using certain colours.

brown colourThe colour BROWN is frequently associated with nature and trees (just like green), so it can be perceived as down-to-earth colour signifying stability and support.

Brown is neutral just like grey, so it’s useful in balancing stronger colours. Its non-offensiveness is loved by estate agents who insist that sticking to a neutral palette (think beige…) will attract new buyers.

The colour brown is not the most exciting of colours; perhaps slightly on a boring side, but at the same time it’s homely, reassuring and comforting.

brown decor collage

1. Traditional rustic sitting room (brown goes well with wood and vintage finds).

2. The brown armchair and ottoman are my favourite here. This space is absolutely charming thanks to the antiques and the warm colour palette.

3. Modern rustic living space I adore. The exposed brickwall, vintage globes in one corner, and a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture make this living room special.

What do you think of brown? Is it your colour or not?

Have a lovely weekend.




Image source: Country Living and Home Adore