Mirror mirror

Our bathroom transformation continues…

The new illuminated bathroom mirror has been hanged, and it’s looking marvelous. Very happy!!!

Illuminated bathroom mirror

For a similar check Light Mirrors.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



Kaigami not origami

In a moment of insanity, we purchased a design lampshade. The design has been created by Guillaume Lyons educated at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Since his graduation, Guillaume has been working on a new style of design he called Kaigami, which can be described as the art of bending flat flexible sheet material to create three-dimensional functional items, in this case beautiful pendant shades.

We fell in love with the shade below. It’s exactly what we were looking for our newly decorated front room.


However, for some bizarre reason, I didn’t realise it’s going to come in a flat pack, so all the fun with putting it together belongs to us. Time for some origami…I mean kaigami. Watch this space!


New Year, more DIY

Happy 2013 to All my Readers! Hopefully it’s going to be kind to us! Wishing you lots of great creative ideas and interior inspirations!

Our New Year’s resolution is to finish the house! I couldn’t be bothered this year to write any personal resolutions as I know I won’t have time for anything apart from redecorating and sourcing interiors. But you know what, I love it! And I love telling you all about it!

A quick round up of what we did in 2012:

  1. Installation of gas central heating
  2. New sash windows
  3. Master bedroom revamp
  4. Front garden and back courtyard sorted
  5. Office/guest bedroom restoration
  6. New floors upstairs
  7. New carpet in the hallway
  8. Living room repainted

living room round up

guest room round up
garden revamp

What else we’ve got left to do:
1. Finish living room
2. Repaint the main door
3. Second reception room/library
4. New floors downstairs
5. Utility room
6. Bathroom
7. And the kitchen
The last two are going to be the most expensive and will require lots of research.
As soon as we finish the heavy DIY, we’ll be able to focus on more pleasurable part: hanging frames, getting accessories and general interior styling. Can’t wait!
Wish us luck!

What are you planning to do in your home this year?


Extreme DIY Part 2

I haven’t written anything for over a week. That’s bad!

We’ve been super busy with the house, work (yawn!), and trying to overcome a seasonal flu (mine wasn’t too bad, but S was stricken down by the MANFLU…You know what I’m talking about).

To cut a long story short, our extreme DIY task in pictures. Father and son bonding over the wall:)))

Extreme DIY Part 1

Hi All,

I’m not going to claim that I’ve done it, but I’m very proud of my Steve.

I told you that one of the walls in the living room was falling apart hence it needed to be replastered.

Before this can commence, someone, with much more stamina and strength than me, had to demolish the existing wall.

I quite like the look. It’s like a more hardcore version of shabby chic. ;)).


Part 2, hopefully, will happen next weekend.

Have you done any extreme DIY recently? Let me know.

Everyday can be your inspiration

Have you noticed that when you are redecorating your home everything inspires you? I can’t stop thinking of different design ideas, products, textures, colours and so on. Everything is an inspiration!

For the past 10 months, I’ve been taking photos of everything that catches my eye, so I can use it later, remind myself where I’ve seen it and, frequently, look for a cheaper, thrifty alternative. Or even consider making it myself.

I can’t stop myself looking around and catching things with my phone camera.

Just to give you an example, I went to the business meeting in so cool and trendy London Shoreditch yesterday, and these are my finds:

Streetart. Steve and I collected lots of pictures of urban art over the years, from Banksy to El Bocho. From London through Berlin to Rio de Janeiro. New street artists emerge all the time. Why not to frame what you find and put it on your wall?

Offices of forward thinking companies like Future Foundation offer an inspiration as well as their furniture is sourced at the design-oriented retailers like Heal’s etc. . I love the wall design, the coat rack and the folk placemat.


Independent design stores such as SCP East. I couldn’t give it a miss; it was on my way home. I probably took  30 photos there, so don’t worry, I’ll share more of them with you in the nearest future. For now, my favourites in store: Terence Woodgate Josiah pendant lights and Eames chairs (I love them!!!).

My advice is to have your mind and eyes open all the time, as you never know when you find something. Let the world inspire you!