Upcycled brick door stop

Hello All,

Hope you had as amazing weekend as I did! Don’t check the weather forecast just yet!

I’m popping in to show you S’s latest creation.

We’ve been building lots of things in our garden using reclaimed bricks, so the idea to use one of them as a door stop, must have struck him then.

Upcycled brick door stop

He painted one half using our leftover paint in Dove grey, and kept the other half to show the old pattern. Easy peasy!

In my opinion, it’s pretty good upcycling effort. What do you think?



Welcome back in 2014

Hello All,

First of all…

Happy 2014

Apologies for an extended break on a blogging front. Life is so busy at the moment. It seems like everything and everyone is going through some sort of change…let’s just hope for the better.

I’ve got high hopes for this year, and a long list of things to do in the house. Thank God, not a heavy duty DIY, but mainly styling and re-organising. Surely, I’ll keep you posted.

I went for a walk in our local park, and saw this lonely tree, which made me realise that without any creative pursuit, I’m like this tree.  It’s time to change it. Winter is almost over, isn’t it!


Have a lovely weekend.


Kitchen saga continues

Good morning All,

Hope you had a nice weekend (in the UK we’ve had the best weather so far this summer).

Just a quick post to let you know how the kitchen project is progressing.

We had a new double glazed door fitted to bring more light to this basement kitchen. Also, the new electrics have been installed, followed by the room being plastered. The new vinyl floor in grey has been laid, and we prepped the room over the weekend, so we can paint it as soon as the kitchen fitter installs the units (this week).

kitchen before fitting

Let’s hope we have somewhere to cook by this weekend!

Have a good week Everyone!



New kitchen window

Hi All,

Apologies for being silent, but the kitchen transformation has taken over my life. For the past two weeks, we’ve been trying to select a kitchen fitter, electrician, plumber, carpenter…Madness!

All jobs are interconnected. You can’t start plastering before you do the door; you can’t lay a floor before you do electrics and so on. Chain reaction!

S’s dad  was so kind to help us fit a new window as the old one was too low, and needed to be moved up. It happened last weekend, and it took two days. Thank you George!!!

kitchen window transformation

S’s idea was to purchase the window with a latch at the bottom allowing us to have a full view of our beautiful garden. Genius!

secretgardenhome  kitchen window

Please wish us luck with all the rest. Our kitchen is unsuable at the moment.

We are going away for a week (expect lots of Instagram pictures), and then we need to stay patient for another two weeks…Watch this space!

Hope the weather will improve wherever you are.



New Year, more DIY

Happy 2013 to All my Readers! Hopefully it’s going to be kind to us! Wishing you lots of great creative ideas and interior inspirations!

Our New Year’s resolution is to finish the house! I couldn’t be bothered this year to write any personal resolutions as I know I won’t have time for anything apart from redecorating and sourcing interiors. But you know what, I love it! And I love telling you all about it!

A quick round up of what we did in 2012:

  1. Installation of gas central heating
  2. New sash windows
  3. Master bedroom revamp
  4. Front garden and back courtyard sorted
  5. Office/guest bedroom restoration
  6. New floors upstairs
  7. New carpet in the hallway
  8. Living room repainted

living room round up

guest room round up
garden revamp

What else we’ve got left to do:
1. Finish living room
2. Repaint the main door
3. Second reception room/library
4. New floors downstairs
5. Utility room
6. Bathroom
7. And the kitchen
The last two are going to be the most expensive and will require lots of research.
As soon as we finish the heavy DIY, we’ll be able to focus on more pleasurable part: hanging frames, getting accessories and general interior styling. Can’t wait!
Wish us luck!

What are you planning to do in your home this year?


Extreme DIY Part 2

I haven’t written anything for over a week. That’s bad!

We’ve been super busy with the house, work (yawn!), and trying to overcome a seasonal flu (mine wasn’t too bad, but S was stricken down by the MANFLU…You know what I’m talking about).

To cut a long story short, our extreme DIY task in pictures. Father and son bonding over the wall:)))