Garden transformation continues

Hello All,

Hope the weather is not bringing you down. What a horrible rainy day!

To cheer you up, I thought I’ll share with you some pictures of our garden.

secretgardenhome raised beds, recycling, brick, garden

As you know it’s still very much a work in progress, but it seems we are getting there slowly.

We are big fans of recycling and saving money therefore most of the materials we’ve been using are reclaimed.

We needed lots of bricks to build two raised beds as well as a patio at the back of the garden.

Initially, we used a social network called Streetlife to ask people for unwanted bricks and wood. We followed that with a note through neighbours’ doors.

We got an amazing response, which we are very grateful for! Definitely worth a try if you are looking for reclaimed building materials.

S and his dad have done an excellent job, don’t you think? We’ve started planting, so hopefully, with time, our garden will look like a typical English cottage garden.

Raised bed, flowers, grape, herbs, reclaimed brick, secretgardenhome

Raised beds, secretgardenhome, garden transformation, cottage garden, recycled brick

The patio at the back is half-finished. We are planning to built a storage unit/barbecue area there.
Recycled brick patio, secretgardenhome

Apart from creating a new green fence, we also sorted out a pathway leading to the garden. Very happy with the results!

ecretgardenhome garden entrance, pebbles, green fence

Let me know what you think. Any advice about plants and creating a cottage garden is always welcome.

As some of you might know, I’ve been nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015. It would be great if you could support me, so I can at least make a shortlist. Please vote for secretgardenhome. Thanks a million!

Have a good week!



Rose garden

First of all, happy weekend!

We’ve been very lucky with the weather recently. It permanently feels like we are on holiday in London.

Thanks to the weather and my excellent gardening skills ha ha, my roses are blooming and spreading all over my front and back garden. I love the fact they are so colourful and stylish.

Pink rose, rose garden, secretgardenhome

Pink and white rose, rose garden, secretgardenhome

Coral rose, rose garden, secretgardenhomeOrange rose, rose garden, secretgardenhomeThe most beautiful flowers, in my opinion. They look so gracious and peaceful! Even when their life is coming to an end…Dying rose, pink rose, flower compositionWhat do you think?  Do you like roses?


Instagram Bootcamp

Hi All,

Hope you had a nice weekend and that you’ve spent it outside.

What a glorious weather finally!

I’ve been busy this week as I’ve signed up for an inspiring e-course: Instagram Bootcamp via Blogging Your Way run by Holly Becker.

I love IG and I’m totally addicted to it, so want to make my secretgardenhome feed as inspiring and colourful as possible.

Already my images are improving, don’t you think?

One more week of this inspiring class.

Have a good week.


Inspiring places: Kensington Gardens

Hi All,

Hope you are feeling super relaxed after 3 day weekend.

On Saturday we went to a smashing barbecue party combined with watching Eurovision (what a laugh), and on Sunday we walked for miles from my friends’ house in Fulham to Holborn.

My first observation was how colourful London is and how different each part is from one another.

I was always more of an East London devotee, but West London has got its charms too. It’s wealthier, that’s for sure, but it’s also very stylish and colourful. Look at these beautiful houses below.

Colourful London, West London, Urban tourist

I used to work in Kensington for over 4 years, so I’m pretty familiar with Kensington Gardens, but I must say, I love coming back. It’s great for wandering around, cycling or a picnic.

Whilst walking through it, we spotted a beautiful cottage garden.

Cottage garden, flowers, Kensington

Great inspiration since we are planning ours at the moment. If only we could recreate this look.

cottage garden inspiration, kensington park

I’m going to try, for sure. Foxgloves and Lupins are my favourite flowers. Also, the purple Irises caught my eye.

Do you like West London? What about Kensington Gardens?

Check secretgardenhome Instagram for more pictures from our mini tour across London. #urbantourist


Beautiful roses in the garden

Hello All and Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

Just a quick update to show you our front and back garden blooming like mad.

secretgardenhome front garden rosesWith minimal effort, it looks much better than last year. We sprinkled MiracleGro a few months ago over the whole garden, and it did the trick; especially the roses are loving it. There are more and more showing up every day. My favourite are the white and pink ones.

secretgardenhome courtyard roses

In the courtyard, the red roses are doing fine too. They are so beautiful and elegant.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!


Inspiring places: RHS Garden Hyde Hall

What a beautiful long weekend we’ve had!

I was lucky enough to visit The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Hyde Hall in Essex, 15 mins drive from my house. I was instantly inspired by the colours, nature and absolutely stunning flowers.

rhs garden Hyde Hall colours

rhs garden Hyde Hall flowers

Thank you Sheila for the ticket:))

For those of you who love flowers, there’s the Chelsea Flower Show at the end of May. I can’t go this year, so if any of you are going, please send me some pictures.

Have a lovely week all!