Colourful cupboard knobs

Updating old cupboards and drawers has never been easier with a massive selection of pretty cupboards knobs.

cupboard door

When I started my search this afternoon, I didn’t realise they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. You can go for a glass, ceramic, enamel, brass or metal. Plus, you can find any colour and pattern you want. I’m drawn to the greenish ones at the moment, but who knows where I end up…

cupboard knobs

The pictures are from the following website: Bombay Duck, Pushka Knobs and Anthropologie. They are all so cute, but the Rabbit one is the best:))).

Any other websites/shops worth visiting whilst searching for cupboard knobs?

Have a lovely weekend.





Sweetcorn yellow and dove grey kitchen

Hello Dear All,

Hope your week is going well.

Apologies for being silent on a blogging front, but you know we’ve been very busy for the past few weeks.

All of you who follow me on Instagram must have seen some of the pictures taken along the way of creating our dream kitchen, but for all of you who missed previous posts, please see below.

Yellow and dove grey kitchen1

We are very pleased with the end result. A mix of sweetcorn yellow (the same paint we use in our utility roomand dove grey makes this kitchen fresh and welcoming. The flowery wallpaper is, suprise suprise, from Homebase, and the yellow pendant came from Habitat. I even manged to sources a kettle in the same yellow shade as the chimney breast:))

I love this kitchen a lot!!! Buying accessories for this colourful place should be fun. We’ve started with the cactus trio.

cactus trio


The cooking already is a pleasure. After eating takeaways and sandwiches for few months, I absolutely adore cooking home-made meals.

What do you think? Where do you buy your kitchen accessories? Where can I buy a funky yellow blind?

Have a good week.



Say it with colour: Fitz lamps

Hope your weekend is going well despite miserable weather (hot and cold; hot and cold).

Apologies for a slight delay, but I was getting my birthday BBQ party ready, so had no time for blogging or a thorough colour research…Hopefully you’ll forgive me:))

In the meantime, have a look what I spotted on my last visit to Homebase to buy a gazebo (it saved the party).

Fitz glass table lamp

Fitz Glass table lamps are available in three colours: cerise, white and orange. I got two in cerise for my bedroom as I think they go well with my teal wallpaper.

Which is your favourite?

Since Home Retail Group, owner of Homebase and Argos, purchase the UK rights to the Habitat brand, every time I visit my local DIY store, I feel inspired.


Inspiring places: Wholefoods Kensington

Welcome back to my Tuesday’s column. This time I’m going to share with you my favourite lunchtime destination in West London.

Whole foods market

Wholefoods is located 2 minutes from my office (how convenient), and it takes pride in serving fresh, organic and resonsibly sourced food (read pricey, but let’s not get into a political debate ;))

I like going there for its industrial style dining experience and absolutely delicious quesadillas.

Industrial dining

Wholefoods dining

The reasons I love this place are:

  1. Exposed ceiling with rusted metal pipes and extra large pendant lights
  2. Chalkboards
  3. White Metro tiles (I’m a sucker for them)
  4. Vintage tables and chairs
  5. American diner seats in red

Have you ever been there? What do you think of industrial style dining?

Hope you feel inspired.




Kaigami not origami

In a moment of insanity, we purchased a design lampshade. The design has been created by Guillaume Lyons educated at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Since his graduation, Guillaume has been working on a new style of design he called Kaigami, which can be described as the art of bending flat flexible sheet material to create three-dimensional functional items, in this case beautiful pendant shades.

We fell in love with the shade below. It’s exactly what we were looking for our newly decorated front room.


However, for some bizarre reason, I didn’t realise it’s going to come in a flat pack, so all the fun with putting it together belongs to us. Time for some origami…I mean kaigami. Watch this space!


Five shades of grey

We want to transform one of the reception rooms into a library (we are both undeniably bookworms). Between us we probably have hundreds of books read and collected over the years, which are still unpacked as they are waiting for the shelves they can rest on.

We agreed that ‘the library room’, as we call it, is going to be S’s room, so he is going to design it. Thank God we’ve got a very similar taste.

The main colour of the room is going to be grey. But which shade to choose?!

The shortlist consists of five shades of grey.

The room’s general style is going to be a combination of a traditional Victorian Bibliotheque and a contemporary reading room.












For more images please check my Pinterest board.

Let me know what you think. Which shade of grey shall we go for?


Mon showroom visit

I regularly receive newsletter (my daily inspiration), so I was very happy to find out they set up a showroom in their headquarters in Notting Hill Gate, which is 5 mins walk from my office.

I went there on Wednesday after work, and was not disappointed.

Looking at the building from outside, you would not even suspect that on the 9th floor you can view their cool design and furniture, and, what is the most important, you can sit on it.

You need to sign in first to get a code for the lift.  The showroom is fairly big with amazing views over West London. I went there when it was getting dark, so I found the lighting a bit too dingy, but someone else might have found them ‘atmospheric’.

The staff was approachable and friendly. They were keen to answer all the questions you had.

There are fabric samples of most of their sofas and armchairs, so you can pick your favourites and take them home before you make a purchase.

At the moment, we are looking for a leather sofa for our living room. As the Chesterfield is not going to happen (we don’t have enough room buu), we need to find something equally stylish that won’t break the bank.

I’ve seen a few sofas that I like. Just need to convince the bank to pay for it.:)

Hendrix 2 Seater Sofa, Saddle Brown Premium Leather (very comfy)

Scott 3 Seater Sofa, Vintage Brown Premium Leather (beautiful)

Let me know if you go there. I can’t wait to hear from you about your impressions.

Have a good weekend.