Upcycled chain mirror on the wall

Just a quick post to show you another picture of our hallway leading to the two bedrooms.

Hallway chain mirror

We hanged some pictures a while ago, but there was something missing…

I was very pleased to discover this old chain mirror in our storage, which was left behind by the previous owners of the property. Nothing beats upcycling!

I think it looks perfect on the wall. What do you think?



A bit of colour before winter

Our courtyard was looking a bit pale, and as I’m not ready for winter gloom yet, I decided to add some Violas and Trailing Pansies to bring some colour back (only £3.99 each).

The following were planted:

  • Pansy Trailing Lavender
  • Viola Delft Blue (my favourite)
  • Viola Penny Orchid
  • Pansy Trailing Purple Wing

My lavender was looking lonely therefore I decided to plant a Skimmia japonica Olympic Flame. I can’t wait for the bright red berries next year.

Enamel jug flower display

Just had lunch at Kensington Square Kitchen, and absolutely love their flower arrangements. The flowers look beautiful in the retro, white, enamel jug. I might get one or two for my house.


My life is in storage

On my recent trip to Dunelm Mill (I’m becoming a big advocate of this store), we found two Water Hyacinth storage boxes.

The small one (£16.99) became a bedside table and a stand for Ikea Böja table lamp designed by Maria Vinka (great gift from Steve’s sister).

The larger box (£26.99) has been placed at the top of the wardrobe.

Mission complete!


Cushion deal

Thanks to our friend Tomek, our great, contemporary sofa bed from John Lewis made it upstairs. I let the boys do the hard work of dragging it up the stairs.

The sofa looked a bit bare, so we went bargain hunting today, and got three stylish cushions in Dunelm Mill, which complete the look perfectly. The Cassette Tapes cushions were only £5.99 each, and the one in a middle was only £3.99.

I strongly believe one should never pay over £10 for a cushion.


Old trainers and flowers?!

Guess what I spotted on my way to the Victoria park?

What do you think? Is it a good idea or not?


The wall is on fire

And here it is. George’s creation in its own glory!