Inspiring places: Houzz

I shared with you before my thoughts about Pinterest and Housetohome.

Another website that I absolutely adore is Houzz.

Houzz was created in 2009 by a couple struggling to describe their interior design vision to architects who were helping them renovate the house (More

Currently Houzz hosts around 1 million photos uploaded by design professional, so the quality of most is excellent.

The number of categories is vast. You can browse by room, style but also by product with a link to where you can buy it. Genius!

I was playing with their app yesterday, and loved it. You can apply the filter ‘MetroArea’, which selects the city the pictures are coming from. Great feature narrowing down the vast number of relevant results.

Also, you can create your own Ideabook for your next redecorating project.

Have a go, and let me know how you get on.



Five shades of grey

We want to transform one of the reception rooms into a library (we are both undeniably bookworms). Between us we probably have hundreds of books read and collected over the years, which are still unpacked as they are waiting for the shelves they can rest on.

We agreed that ‘the library room’, as we call it, is going to be S’s room, so he is going to design it. Thank God we’ve got a very similar taste.

The main colour of the room is going to be grey. But which shade to choose?!

The shortlist consists of five shades of grey.

The room’s general style is going to be a combination of a traditional Victorian Bibliotheque and a contemporary reading room.












For more images please check my Pinterest board.

Let me know what you think. Which shade of grey shall we go for?



Everyday can be your inspiration

Have you noticed that when you are redecorating your home everything inspires you? I can’t stop thinking of different design ideas, products, textures, colours and so on. Everything is an inspiration!

For the past 10 months, I’ve been taking photos of everything that catches my eye, so I can use it later, remind myself where I’ve seen it and, frequently, look for a cheaper, thrifty alternative. Or even consider making it myself.

I can’t stop myself looking around and catching things with my phone camera.

Just to give you an example, I went to the business meeting in so cool and trendy London Shoreditch yesterday, and these are my finds:

Streetart. Steve and I collected lots of pictures of urban art over the years, from Banksy to El Bocho. From London through Berlin to Rio de Janeiro. New street artists emerge all the time. Why not to frame what you find and put it on your wall?

Offices of forward thinking companies like Future Foundation offer an inspiration as well as their furniture is sourced at the design-oriented retailers like Heal’s etc. . I love the wall design, the coat rack and the folk placemat.


Independent design stores such as SCP East. I couldn’t give it a miss; it was on my way home. I probably took  30 photos there, so don’t worry, I’ll share more of them with you in the nearest future. For now, my favourites in store: Terence Woodgate Josiah pendant lights and Eames chairs (I love them!!!).

My advice is to have your mind and eyes open all the time, as you never know when you find something. Let the world inspire you!

A light in the dark

More inspirations from John Lewis. This time it’s going to be about floor lamps.

The first one is John Lewis Elliot floor lamp in red, with a price tag of £160 (I could probably save for it in few months time).

The second one is absolutely beautiful, but far above my budget: John Lewis Pavilion floor lamp for £300. Maybe one day.

Cushion deal

Thanks to our friend Tomek, our great, contemporary sofa bed from John Lewis made it upstairs. I let the boys do the hard work of dragging it up the stairs.

The sofa looked a bit bare, so we went bargain hunting today, and got three stylish cushions in Dunelm Mill, which complete the look perfectly. The Cassette Tapes cushions were only £5.99 each, and the one in a middle was only £3.99.

I strongly believe one should never pay over £10 for a cushion.